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Anti Wrinkle Treatment


About Our Anti-Wrinkle Injections

During your anti-wrinkle treatment, a naturally occurring protein called botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles and lines that you wish to target. Injections are carried out using a very fine micro-needle by professionals trained in administering low-pain injections and treating those with needle phobias. The injections work by blocking nerve impulses to tiny facial muscles - thus reducing the prominence of expression lines to achieve more youthful and radiant skin.

All treatments are carried out by fully qualified professionals with backgrounds in medicine and dentistry.

At The Clinic by Get Xtended we believe safety is paramount.

Anti Wrinkle Injections are a treatment that is only available with a prescription, so you will be required to have a full consultation with our medical practitioners to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

Our team are qualified and experienced in a variety of medical fields including nursing, dentistry, and aesthetics, and they will advise you on how to approach your treatment and achieve the results you desire holistically.


What can anti-wrinkle injections be used to treat?

During your consultation we will discuss with you the look you wish to achieve and the areas you wish to target. Anti-wrinkle injections are a versatile type of treatment, commonly used to smooth out wrinkles and lines, plump, firm, and lift skin.

Areas that anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat include:

  • Frown lines - area between brows

  • Forehead lines

  • Eyebrow lift

  • Crows feet around eyes

  • Under eyes

  • Jaw line

  • Gummy smile

  • Lip lines

  • Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating)

  • Bruxism - Teeth Grinding

  • Migraines

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Lip Enhancement



Lip filler dissolving


Cheek Enhancement




Jaw Line Sculpting




Non Surgical Nose Filler

Nose Sculpting


Chin Sculpting



Under Eye Filler

Tear Trough

Laughter Lines

(Nasolabial Folds)



Marionette Lines



Smokers Lines



Anti Wrinkle Injections

1 Area

2 Areas

3 Areas

Vitamin B12 Shots              £30

5 for                                           £110
























Contour Packages



4ml - £650

Cheeks, jawline, chin



5ml - £750

Cheeks, jawline, chin, lips or nose


Botox Injections